Shipping & Return Policy

You will find shipping and return policy for herbal supplements, health and wellness mentoring programs, and other services on this page. Holistic Herbalist uses reputed courier and postal services to fulfil your orders in a secure, fast and reliable manner.

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Essential Note About Customs Clearance & Import Duty If Any:

When you order herbal supplements from Holistic Herbalist, India, the Customs consider it as an import. And it is considered as Export for Holistic Herbalist.

Most countries don't charge any import duty or have restriction on herbal supplements when you order them for personal use. However, it is always advisable to contact Customs Department or check their website in your country.

Our current experience tell us that there is no restriction of Herbal Supplements for personal use in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand.

In most European countries and Turkey, there is restriction and you might have to pay Import duty as well. We simply do not sell to these countries. If you still insist to order, order the lowest possible quantity to test how it goes in your country,

We suggest all persons to Check with Customs about Restriction or Import Duty if any on international order of herbal supplement in their country.

If there is any charge - like Import Duty or others in Customs Clearance - it has to be paid by buyer, handled by buyer. Holistic Herbalist is not responsible for any such chargers - import duty or Customs clearance charges - as this is beyond the scope of what we can handle in any circumstance.

Of Course, Holistic Herbalist is responsible and bears all charges and responsibility for clearance of your order within India.

First Step for Shipping of Herbal Food Supplements:

People who are living outside of India and have their shipping and billing information outside India are served with following methods...

Confirmation of Order and Payment: After realization of payment for your order, we call you by phone or send email to confirm shipping address. Phone call confirmation is available for Indian and USA phone numbers.

Please note that in some modes of payments like online bank transfers through Swift code, it takes 3-10 days before your payment is realized in our company account.

We always ship products and open online Ayurvedic training services after payment reaches our bank account or Paypal account or other payment gateway services.

Second Step - Choice of Appropriate Postal Services:

We finalize shipping method based on your order and shipping address.

We always prefer services with online tracking code. We do confirm the availability of the service in your city from the website of service provider.

For all international orders, Holistic Herbalist uses Indian Speed Post. The services of Indian Speed Post is available in about 98 countries.

(Indian Speed Post Tariffs and Availability of services)

In countries, where Indian Speed Post doesn't have its services, Holistic Herbalist uses Registered International Parcel. It doesn't has online tracking facility and also takes about 3 weeks or longer time.

Third Step - Sending the Parcel and Online Tracking Code:

After shipping the products, we send online tracking code to your email. We do track your shipment and inform you about it. We do send all shipment within 1-2 business days after receiving payment and confirming shipping address.

In India, if there are any State or Government holiday (All Sundays and others might be different from your country), these are not accounted in the above 1-2 business days count.

Indian Speed Post usually takes 7-10 days for international destinations. In many countries, you can also track your shipment on the respective website of your country postal department website after shipment reaches your country. Usually you can find the details of shipment on your country's postal website after 4-6 days of shipping.

As mentioned earlier, Registered Parcel through Indian Postal Services do take about 3 weeks and it doesn't come with online tracking.

Delay of Shipment

If there is delay in Indian Speed Post shipment reaching you, please assist us by waiting for additional 5-7 days. During this time, we will try to track with serving company.

If your Indian Speed Post parcel is not tracked down in 17 days after shipping, we send a fresh shipment. Of course, it will be ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Please do note that we can't give this kind of support in Registered International Parcel. However, we will try to do our best to track the shipment.

Cancellation  Policy

As we are based in India and use Paypal as our Payment method, it is very impractical and complicated for us to cancel the order once received

This is because that PayPal charges about 4-6 % for realization and transfer the funds to Indian Bank Account within 1 day.

If we have to cancel the order and refund the money, it takes more than 10% of the amount in deductions from both side of transaction. So, the refunded amount will be 10% less than the order value.

So, we urge you to contact us by email or phone if you have any doubt. We are a great company and always respond within 24 hours or before. 

Please order only when you are sure and confirm about this.

No cancellation of order is accepted once products have been shipped.

Return Policy

We don't accept Returns for Herbal Food Supplements once shipped.

All of our Online Health and Wellness Mentoring programs do come with a standard trial period wherein you can cancel your subscription easily if you don't like what you get.

Damage Reversal Policy

If products are damaged, we happily consider replacement of goods for you. Please note that it is applicable if tablets are damaged. Under such situations, we request you to send digital pictures of the shipped or damaged content by email.

We also suggest you that returns and replacement is not applicable when only the outer box of tablets is bruised or disfigured and there is no damage to inside tablets. we believe that you will understand that it sometimes might happen with long international distances.

Please always feel free to contact us regarding your order, shipment, payment, fulfilment, return or whatsoever you feel necessary!