Holistic And Natural Healthcare Practitioner

Dear Holistic and Natural Practitioner or Soon To Be Aspiring,

Hello and Warm Greetings from India!

This is a Personal Invitation from your Fellow Practitioner Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar (Ayurveda doctor) , to Join Holistic Herbalist and Ayurveda Mentor family and be part of a Great Community of Colleagues - from wide range of background including but not limited by Alternative Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Massage, TCM, TCHM, Wellness & Lifestyle Consultants, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Aromatherpay, Energy Medicine, Meditation Guides, Natural Medicine and Medical Doctors!

I congratulate you to be a part of the community of professionals who serve people using holistic and natural measures. 

Holistic and Natural Practitioner's Club

Practitioners Club could be one such platform where we can join together and share together and broaden our understanding with due respect, understanding, doubt, query and apprehension.

Some of the activities and possibilities will be..

  1. Insightful Articles and Essays
  2. Expert's Interviews
  3. Discussions About Trends and Practices
  4. Sharing of Resources, Marketing Advice, Setup and Practice
  5. New Researches
  6. Networking with Fellow Professionals (No Money Scheme or Network Marketing, Not now and Never in Future)
  7. Preference for Collaboration for Business or Events or Books or Programs or Training
  8. Free Preview, Pre Launch Offers & Discounts for our Practitioners Programs 
  9. Collaboration for Book, Training, Workshops or Other Online or In person Projects
  10. And Tons More...

Who can Join Holistic and Natural Practitioner Club?

  1. Any Medical Doctor
  2. Any Herbalist or Ayurveda Doctor or TCM or TCHM practitioners
  3. Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teachers
  4. Wellness and Lifestyle Consultants
  5. Alternative and Complimentary Practitioners
  6. Holistic Practitioners
  7. Practically Even Students who are pursuing are also welcome
  8. If in Doubt, write me back

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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions about Holistic and Natural Practitioner Club?

Is it FREE to Join Now?

Definitely, it is FREE TO JOIN NOW and is designed to be FREE for persons who join or will join until it remains to be FREE. You don't have to worry about this if you join Holistic and Natural Practitioner Club now.

How do you support Holistic and Natural Practitioner Club financially?

I am thankful that you asked this.

This community is supported by Holistic Herbalist (www.holistic-herbalist.net) and Ayurveda Mentor (http://ayurvedamentor.net) where we are having our Herbal Supplements and Online Training Programs for Individuals for Personal Wellbeing and Practitioner's Training Programs.

I like to use Holistic Herbalist herbal supplements for my clients. How to proceed for this?

You are welcome to send your query. We have direct association over 300+ practitioners in India, North America and UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. We have proper distribution network and business associate for Italy, France, Belgium. You will be in great company and have great Ayurvedic herbal supplements.

I want to go for Distribution Rights of Holistic Herbalist products in my country. Is it possible to have Exclusive Rights and to represent these products?

Definitely Yes! We call this type of relationship as National Business Associate. This business have great potential for passionate practitioners to scale up to new heights.

Fortunately, after working in several EU countries and having registered the products in Ministry of Health in some of these countries, we could together work this out in a swift and efficient manner. I am would be encouraging and sharing with you what would be required for this business.

For Empowering Lives Through Holistic and Natural Measures!
Empowering our Community and Getting Empowered in Return!
Now and Always!
Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar

We will love to have  your views...