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Do You Use Natural or Herbal or Ayurveda Products?

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You will find Holistic Herbalist to be One of Finest Resources to help you Use Natural Herbs wisely, offering Ayurveda herbs based natural products, providing great value for money, helping with expert support and advice, leading to Positive Wellbeing.

No, I Don't Use

You will be able to discern, understand, find it logical and feel motivated to give natural herbs a try. And then, adopt Ayurveda, Holistic and Natural Wellbeing. Definitely, it would be the single, most effective step by You in the direction of Positive Health.

Why and How Can I Make Such A Bold Claim?

Hello Friend!

I am Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar, an Ayurveda doctor from India. I graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine in 2000. ​Since then...more than 16 years...

  • into Clinical practice and having clients in more than a dozen countries.
  • Have been mentoring marvellous group of students all over the globe, with great practitioner programs and workshops.
  • Founded Holistic Herbalist into provide great Ayurvedic herbs based natural products to clients.
  • Now manufacturing & Exporting Ayurvedic Herbal Products in several countries...and growing further...
  • Developing and Growing Online Wellness Training so that holistic and lifestyle related point of Ayurveda wisdom could be put into Your Life.
  • Started Online Ayurveda Library to promote the learning of Ayurveda based upon classical Ayurvedic texts.

​It all started with an intent or prayer or vision...."Bless me to serve people through better and greater capabilities through holistic and natural means".... in the mind of a young Ayurveda doctor.

And We are maintaining and have ingrained this spirit ​into the fabric of our thought, feelings, activities and life. This is the way for doing business or living life or contributing.

In Holistic Herbalist and Ayurveda Mentor - You will find yourself in one of the most Trustworthy and Great Company that always strives for the Win (fortunately, it means your better health) of her Clients at the top through holistic and natural means.

Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements Loved by Clients, Endorsed by Experts

A Great range of Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements is waiting to be a Part of Your Life...We have great herbs for Mind Health, Stress, Poor Sleep, Men's Health and Sexuality, Women Health, Menstrual and Reproductive Health, Colon Health, Liver Detox and Gall Bladder Cleansing, Natural Weight Management, Body Detox and Colon Cleansing, Joints Health, Skin Health, Prostate Health, Blood Sugar Metabolism, Thyroid and Metabolism, Heart, Cholesterol and Blood Circulation and more...

  • Presented in 60 Tablets box or bottle.
  • Each tablet = 1000 mg of standardized extracts and herbs
  • 400-650 mg of standardized extracts in Every Tablet
  • Every formula = A balanced and synergistic recipe of Ayurveda's time tested safe and effective herbs.
  • GMP manufacturing Facility
  • Trusted and Complying with USA, EU and Other Top Standards of Natural products.
  • Above all, Loved by You and Endorsed by EXperts
Ray Noronha Ayurveda Expert

I have been an educator of Ayurveda for over 2 decades in United States, UK and Australia. I used supplements of Holistic Herbalist. These are simply superb and offer great health benefits.

Responsive, Knowledgeable  and  Expert Advice for Proactive  Health...

We love Your Queries and Feedback. Many times, we receive doubts or query or apprehension. We tackle with with great appreciation and practical and insightful expertise...

Online Training Programs...

Right from the start, Holistic Herbalist has invested heavily - in terms of time of experts and money - into Online Wellness Training to help You Achieve Positive Wellbeing, Stay Away and Manage Health Issues by adopting the wisdom of Ayurveda and holistic lifestyle in a practical, insightful, interesting and motivated manner.

Adopt Ayurveda - Embrace Health - Spread Wellbeing