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As our esteemed clients, you will find Payment information on this page. Holistic Herbalist offers you one of the most secure and widely used online payment method for buying herbal supplements from us or for ordering Personal Health Advice services from us.

International customers means any person, company or organization who is living outside of India or having their shipping or billing address outside of India.

Payment Information Video for International Customers

Payment Options for International Customers

We use Paypal ( as our online payment receiving method. Paypal is one of the most secure and widely used method of receiving and sending online payments. We have used their services personally for more than 7 years since 2005.

You will move through these steps...

First Step - Select Product or Service: Select the appropriate herbal supplements or services from Holistic Herbalist website. We believe that you will find clear and easy-to-understand information about our products and services on this website.

Second Step - Find Price Information: It is also clear on our website. We strongly suggest you to first join Holistic Herbalist Newsletter. The Subscribe Newsletter form is present on top right corner of most of our pages.

As our subscriber, you will receive great offers and discounts on our products and services. We continuously hone our expertise in serving you with better herbal supplements and personal health advice services and online health and wellness training programs.

Third Step - Moving Through Payment: You will find four types of Paypal buttons on Holistic Herbalist website.

  1. Buy Now Button - for buying only one supplement or services or one group of products or services.
  2. Subscribe Button - for subscribing recurring payment services.

When you click on Buy Now or Subscribe or View Cart button, you are taken to Paypal website for payment. On that page, you can modify your order, add or delete products or services, come back to Holistic Herbalist website for more shopping or cancel your order.

Fourth Step - Check Out and Making Payment: Now you have two options for payment.

  1. Checkout with Paypal. If you already have Paypal account, you can pay with it. It is usually convenient as you don't have to fill Credit Card information.
  2. Normal Checkout: Here, you can pay with your Credit or Debit Card.

In both options, simply review your order, fill required information, confirm it. And you are done.

Fifth Step - After Payment Confirmation: Now our job starts to fulfill your order.

Immediately after payment, Paypal sends email to both customer and service provider. Please check your email. Also check your junk folder as sometimes emails end up there.

We do confirm your order by email or phone or text message. Then, our shipping policy starts to work.

Don't Want to Use Credit Card  -  Find Another Payment Optioon

Some people might not feel it comfortable to use their Credit Card or Debit Card online. We use another method for them. They can...

Fill this Online Order Form.

Provide information about how many products you want to order for each herbal supplement or which services you are interested in. Also provide your complete address with cellphone or phone number.

We will send you an online Invoice in your email through Paypal. You can then make payment either through your Credit Card or Debit Card or through your Paypal Account.

This process delays the order process by few hours to one day or longer and takes some manual work. Still, we support it to win your confidence.

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Please feel free to contact Holistic Herbalist for further clarity or if you have some query.