Natural Herbal Remedies Vs. Painkiller (NSAIDs) Drugs for Relief of Chronic Pain and Inflammation

It is very common practice to use painkiller drugs. Simple painkiller drugs are also known as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Some of these NSAIDs are available over the counter, without prescription. 

Common examples are paracetamol or acetaminophen and aspirin. 

Some new versions are available that are more targeted toward Joints pain and arthritis.

Some of our clients asked to differentiate between herbal remedies and painkiller drugs. I have presented my viewpoint in this video.

Some other key points to understand in this regard are...

  1. Pain killer activity is just part of the anti-inflammatory activity. 
  2. Inflammation has 5 items bundled together - pain, redness, rise in temperature, loss of partial functionality, swelling.
  3. Even the most milder pain killer drugs do have side effects on short to mid term. The common side effects are burdening of liver and ulceration in stomach and early part of duodenum and related symptoms like hyperacidity and heartburn.
  4. All painkiller drugs merely suppress the symptoms and don't provide any healing or curing effect on targeted inflammation. So, the benefit is merely suppressing the symptoms.
  5. Natural herbal remedies are almost free of all side effects.
  6. Rather, you have benefits of these herbs in terms of better digestion and decline in rate of degenerative changes.
  7. Ayurvedic Anti-Vata herbs do add one more layer of benefits. These not only help with inflammation but at the same time helps to bring about normalcy of associated structures and their functioning.
  8. Factually, most natural herbal remedies, even boswellia and turmeric, might be slightly less effective when you are considering pain relief in short term - 1-15 days of duration.
  9. In mid to long term, there are tremendous benefits and side benefits in using herbs.

Ayurvedic herbs work on this principle...

  1. General Detox and Cleansing and General Strengthening (General = whole body)
  2. Specific Detox and Specific strengthening

You can see now that why I do recommend in chronic forms of joints pain and arthritis - Ayur Shodhan and Active Liver. It targets the first point and Healthy Joints the second point mentioned above.

Thanks for your time going through this video presentation and write up. Do Share your views and feedback. It is very important for us in bringing out the finest of Ayurvedic offering for Joints health and wellbeing.

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