Guggul is one of the most trusted names amongst Ayurvedic herbs for its effect on lipid profile. It is found to lower high blood cholesterol in many studies.

If we look back in 2003, we find this type of study that simply point out the possible benefit of Guggulsterones through FXR for lowering production of cholesterol in liver.

In 2009, newer studies came out with dubious outcome. This study by Norwegian researchers at University of Oslo found Guggul's beneficial effect on total cholesterol levels as well as HDL.

Again in 2009, Researchers at University of Delaware, USA clearly indicated that Guggulsterone portion of Guggul extract helps lower the production of Cholesterol in liver through antagonism of FXR.

They also found that ​Cembranoids portion of Guggul extract lowers the absorption of fat and cholesterol in intestine by affecting hPLA2 in Pancreas.

These two are great modes of Guggul extract exerting its health benefit of lowering cholesterol levels in blood.

A new study published in Drug Research in May 2016, affirms the benefits of Guggulipid on protection of nervous system. Guggul was found to exert neuroprotection activity through combination of actions - lipid lowering, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic effect.

​Guggul reversed the bad effect of high fat diet in rats, found to reduce occlusion of artery and improve blood supply, besides improving lipid profile.

This study published in Journal of Dietary Supplements in 2016, resolved the doubts that many individuals and few professionals harbor.

The doubt is about the drug herb interactions if both herb and medical drug is used together.

In this study, Guggul alone, Atorvastatin alone and both Guggul and Atorvastatin were used. The combination of Guggul and Atorvastatin was found to offer benefit upon all parameters - Total cholesterol, LDL, VLDL and also improved HDL.

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