Do I Need Liver Detox?

Learn about Risk Factors that Burden Liver and the Natural Liver Detox to Boost Liver and Gall Bladder Health with Ayurvedic herbs…

Liver detox and protection through Ayurvedic herbs is the need for emerging cases of hepatotoxicity and liver damage caused by diverse factors in modern time.

Drug-induced hepatotoxicity is a common cause of liver injury, with more than 900 drugs, toxins, and herbs reported to cause liver injury. It accounts for 20-40% of all instances of fulminant hepatic failure, and around 75% of idiosyncratic drug reactions result in liver transplantation or death.

Early detection of drug-induced liver injury is essential, as the manifestations of hepatotoxicity can range from asymptomatic elevation of liver enzymes to fulminant hepatic failure. The severity of hepatotoxicity can be decreased if the drug is discontinued early.

You are at Higher Risk for Poor Liver Health….

Certain Race: Blacks and Hispanics have greater risk for isoniazid (INH) toxicity

Age: Children and Kids are less susceptible. As one ages, there are several factors that are not in your favor and tax down the Liver…

  1. Decreased Processing or Clearance of Drugs by Liver
  2. Reduced Blood Flow to Liver
  3. Poor Diet
  4. Hospitalization
  5. Regular Daily Intake of Multiple Medical Drugs
  6. Higher Possibility of Drug Interactions

Sex: Overall, females are more susceptible

Use of Alcohol: Alcohol intake exerts burden on liver and can produce liver injury to Cirrohtic changes. Alcohol causes depletion of glutathione (hepatoprotective) stores that make the person more susceptible to toxicity by drugs.

Regular Intake of Drugs: Even if you are taking prescribed medical drugs, their regular use do burden liver and injures it. Simple drugs like painkillers, antihypertensive drugs, drugs for high lipid levels in blood, drugs for mind health, antibiotics, chemotherapy are common example of such drugs.

How Do the Drugs Injure Liver?

Liver Injury is through one of the 3 possible ways…

  1. Directly Affecting Liver - Disruption of Liver Cell and / or its transport proteins, Mitochondrial Disruption and Dealth of Liver Cells, Injury to Bile Duct
  2. Immuno-Allergic or Hypsenstivity Reactions also affect Liver health
  3. A mix of these two

How Does Ayurveda Help with Improving Liver Health through Liver Detox?

There are 3 groups of herbs in Ayurveda that help directly as Hepatoprotective and Liver Detox to boost Liver Health.

Hepatoprotective Herbs: These are Pitta pacifying herbs. Pitta Balance is the tablet of choice under this condition. You can call these smooth Liver Detox.

How to Use Pitta Balance for Liver Detox? 3 tablets daily: 1 after breakfast, 1 after lunch, 1 after dinner (1.5 Bottles / Boxes of 60 Tablets in a Month)

Liver Detox Herbs: Ayur Normaliv and Active Liver are 2 herbs in this category. They do have a greater part of Liver Detoxifying herbs and smaller part of Hepatoprotective herbs.

How to Use Normaliv / Active Liver for Liver Detox? 3 tablets daily: 1 after breakfast, 1 after lunch, 1 after dinner (1.5 Bottles / Boxes of 60 Tablets in a Month)

Supportive Herbs: These are gentle, rejuvenative cum colon cleanse herbs that support the Liver and Gut health and digestion. Arudha Triphala and Ayur Shodhan is in this category.

How to Use Arudha Triphala / Ayur Shodhan? 1-2 tablets daily after dinner. (1 Bottle of 60 Tablets in a Month) 

Learn more about these Liver Detox herbs by Holistic Herbalist here.

Can Apparently Healthy Person take Liver Detox Herbs?

Ayurveda recommends that every healthy person should use Detox at least once or twice a year for a period of 1-2 months.

It depends upon the predominant Dosha. For Pitta conditions, it is in between Rainy seasona and Autumn.

Does Liver Detox Make A Part of Ayurvedic Treatment?

In Ayurvedic treatment of most Chronic Disorders / Autoimmune Disease, Detox and Colon Cleanse is an integral part and it is judiciously a part of the management.

In a broader sense, entire Ayurvedic treatment and management is a mix of Detox and Rejuvenation. You can schedule Online Ayurvedic cosult with Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar to manage and treat naturally chronic disorders & Autoimune disorders.

Do Dietary Factors and Lifestyle Factors Affect Liver Health?

Life is an integral and holistic in nature. You can take dietary and lifestyle approach as guided by Ayurveda Body Mind Type, or Ayurveda Bowel Type.

We cover it inside Embrace Ayurveda & Yoga program which is 12 months comprehensive and personal health and wellness coaching that helps you implement principles and practices of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation in Daily life to lead you on the path of wellbeing, natural healing and cure.

Learn about Ayurvedic Liver Detox & How to Boost Liver and Gall Bladder Health Naturally!

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