Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement for Mind Health

How to Boost Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Stay Away from Stress, Using Finest Nootropic Herbs from Ayurveda

Body and Mind do affect each other. Physical afflictions do affect mind. Stress and other mind issues like nervousness, low mood, poor sleep and lack of focus do affect physical wellbeing. 

My Joyful Mind is the Ayurvedic supplement containing safe and acclaimed nootropic and adaptogenic herbs that helps with mind health in a unique, balanced and natural manner.

Packing Size: 60 Tablets of 1000 mg each in Bottle / Box

Method of Use: Take 1 tablet 2-3 times a day.

Do you experience any of these...

  • You are easily stressed and find yourself often losing balance and poise
  • Many times a month, you find yourself thinking or brooding too much, overwhelmed, to the point of worry and nervousness
  • You frequently experience low mood and blues
  • It is not easy to get to sleep. You wake up frequently during night and don't feel refreshed in the morning
  • You have some chronic disorder and find that increased physical and mental stress works like a trigger for the disease. This happens in ulcers, autoimmune disorders and other long lasting health issues.
  • You are a women and find yourself having stress, nervousness and low mood during periods or somewhere in menstrual cycle, almost every month.
  • Or, Alternatively, you are healthy individual and want to take some herbs for improving mind health - focus, memory and concentration - and experience positive wellbeing of mind

If you say Yes to any of these, you should give a try to natural Ayurvedic herbs for mind health. 

I have been an educator of Ayurveda for over 3 decades in three countries. I used several supplements of Holistic Herbalist. These are simply superb and offer great health benefits.

Ray Noronha

Why Could This Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement be Helpful in All these conditions?

This is a very valid and appropriate question.

My Joyful Mind contains a few groups of herbs that are carefully selected to affect mind health in these ways.

Nootropic Herbs: This is very valuable term and stands for herbs that act as a tonic for brain and nerves. In Ayurveda, Medhya herbs is a similar term that had been used for thousands of years for herbs enhancing mind health naturally.

Adaptogenic Herbs: Most of the herbs of this synergistic formulations are adaptogenic. These help you to cope with stress.

These two qualities help to raise the threshold for mental and emotional stress. The nurturing quality of these nootropic herbs in a way boosts mental and emotional resistance to stress, nervousness and low mood. Many studies to support this role of herbs.*

Gradually, you would find yourself not easily stressed or burdened down or overwhelmed by the conditions or situations that might have you feel stressed upon using these nootropic herbs.

Positively Affecting Ayurvedic Dosha Triad of Mind Health: There is a triad of biological humors in Ayurveda that affect mind health. The 3 of these are...

  1. Prana Vata that is responsible for focus, clarity, thinking and cognitive abilities
  2. Sadhak Pitta is responsible for feelings and emotions
  3. Tarpak Kapha takes care of mood and sleep

The Ayurvedic herbs takes care of bringing the balance of these 3 principles. That is why you see the beneficial effect on mind health in a variety of ways - on stress, nervousness, undesirable outbursts of feelings and emotions, low mood and poor sleep.

And this is the underlying reason why these herbs are also great even for healthy persons. All members of my family do take this natural product, irrespective of their age - kids, men and women and seniors.

The Scenario is Rather More Dusky with Medical Drugs for Mind Health:

Many medical drugs do appear to have immediate pacifying or suppressing or numbing effect whether you are taking for nervousness or low mood or poor sleep.

These are actually very strong chemicals. Their side effects profile is frightening when one have to use these drugs for mental health issues for long term.

Many long term studies even claim that there is almost no significant benefit of using anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs for long term use. 

When you consider dietary supplements, Vitamins, especially B group of vitamins, calcium, magnesium and an overall balanced diet do offer some promising benefit on mind health.

On the other side, there are tons of studies that support and validate the benefit of Ayurvedic herbs for boosting mind health in all its hues and spectrum.

Simply, if you have never used the Natural Herbs for mind health, you are serious missing some blessings of nature. I can't put it more strongly than this.

Each Tablet of  My Joyful Mind  Provides  You These Herbs...

Standardized Extracts 55%

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Standardized Powders 45%

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This herbal Supplement is a blend of safe and proven herbs that helps to strengthen your nerves, brain and nurtures a predisposition that is conducive to peace of mind, focus, relaxation, better memory, reduced levels of stress, nervousness and low mood.





I have used this wonderful supplement for myself and have suggested to many friends. It works great to boost my focus while keeping me relaxed and stress free.

Aboh Anastacia                 

Chronic Stress is Much More Significant for Many Many Chronic Disorders than You Think or Feel it to be...

Many chronic disorders of all sorts are having increased stress as one of the causative factors and also as triggering factors. 

Yes, the triggering factor for chronic disorders.

The chronic disorder can be stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease, eczema, psoriais, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, gout, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, bronchial asthma, chronic backache, pain in neck, tension headache, pms, menopausal symptoms... The list could go on and on.

Whether you are able to manage stress with Ayurvedic herbs as My Joyful Mind or through dietary or lifestyle means or a mix of these, you will experience faster relief and recovery in almost all conditions.

So, never ignore mind health, if you have some chronic disorder. It should be a priority for you to boost mind health and be more peaceful and composed version of yourself as there is already some nagging problem that you have to take care.

Herbal Supplement for Improving Mind Health, Helping in Stress, Nervousness, Poor Sleep and Low Mood

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