Why Should You Make A Deliberate Choice to Join Hands with Holistic Herbalist with Exclusive Distribution in Your Country ?

At Holistic Herbalist, it is our consistent endeavor to be one of the most trustworthy business associate to when you are choosing a company or products or its services for Exclusive Distribution in your country.

There are plenty of reasons and considerations that would lead us to join hands for spreading health and wellbeing in your country.

The Holistic Representation of Ayurveda:

Right from the start, the vision of Holistic Herbalist and Ayurveda Mentor is to empower lives of persons with better health by making accessible great natural products; and inspiring and motivating people to adopt natural wellbeing and holistic modalities. 

We feel suffocated in the business world if the only motive is to make money. The consistent and one pointed focus is to representing the wisdom of holistic and natural wellbein present in Ayurveda to you, in the most integrated manner, in palpably health enriching manner. 

And it also means No Hype, No BS.

Synergistic Amalgamation of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology:

We always kept the combination of ancient tradition and wisdom and modern scientific development  and knowledge to cover the weakness of each other, to strengthen mutual quality. These two are utilized in a balanced and synergistic manner.

So, the manufacturing process is entirely modern and GMP compliant. However, it is utilized to bring about the balance and synergy from within every formulation. Definitely, doing all this requires deep insight into both the streams.

Bringing The Finest Experience of Ayurvedic Herbs & Wisdom:

We are dedicated to transform your experience of Ayurveda as one of the finest one by making everything - products and wisdom - to be more relevant for modern time and needs, more practical and  able to deliver results in a safe and effective manner. 

Innovative and Leading Range of Products:

Definitely, the core of our products is multiherbal and single herbs based supplements presently. However, we are continuously exploring and venturing into new territories, keeping our values and focus on holistic and natural wellbeing. 

For example, when we decided to enter into Personal care products - shampoo, face wash and body wash. It took us about 3 years in exploration, research and development time to be satisfied in ourselves and to get great feedback. So, there will be consistent focus in having many new forms of products and applications to enhance the use of natural botanicals.

Knowledge Based Wisdom Bytes of Ayurveda: 

Most companies are either bifurcated as either Ayurveda school or learning center or as products manufacturer or as merely providing professional health advice. They are predominantly one of these.

With the combination of Holistic Herbalist and Ayurveda Mentor, you have the fusion of 4 in one - Great herbal and personal care products, health coaching, personalized advice and wellness mentoring, practitioner programs and related resources under one umbrella.

We have been the first to say, "Herbs alone are not sufficient! You need to understand and practically apply the wisdom of holistic and natural wellbeing, daily, byte by byte, to truly overcome chronic disorders and lead a life empowered by health. Don't make natural herbs merely a substitute of medical drugs, while continuing to navigate your life in unhealthier ways. Break this pattern. Adopt Ayurveda holistically."

Firmly in Top 1% of Ayurveda Products League in Every Category

Whether it is safety or quality or natural ingredients or effectiveness, arguably and inarguably, we are firmly and deliberately and gracefully by conscious and consistent design amongst the finest ones, you will always find us in Top 1% League of Ayurveda based natural and personal care products and services.

Formulations or Choice of Ingredients:

  1. Formulated by Ayurveda expert of having over two decades of global experience
  2. The Balance of Safety and Efficacy
  3. The focus is on balance and synergy of ingredients based upon the Ayurvedic wisdom of combinations, rather on a single herbs

Each Tablet = 1000 mg:

Each tablet is of 1000 mg. And with the use of compressing force and precise manufacturing process and development of dye and punches, it is easy to swallow it in comparison to a 650 or 750 mg capsule .

More Herbs, More Power in Each Tablet of 1000 mg:

If you compare it with other tablets or capsules of 1000 mg, you will get more herbs than most competing products. Each tablet of 1000 mg has about 500 mg or more of standardized herbal extracts

If you compare one tablet with herbal powder, you get 5 to 6 times more herbs in each tablet. 

1 Tablet of Holistic Herbalist = 5-6 tablets of other herbal powder containing Tablets

Excellent Quality of Products & Ensured Safety for Long Term:

The quality control at every step, right from procurement from the best of vendors along with refined GMP compliant manufacturing and testing protocols ensure safety and excellent quality.

Each batch is tested for physical parameters, key pharmacological parameters for tablets, microbiological contamination, heavy metals and pesticides. You have ensured safety even during long term use.  

Effective Herbal & Personal Care Products:

When you consider the form, ingredients and formulation, choice of vendors, manufacturing and quality control of our products, you end up with having highly effective and safe range of products. These will be The Preferred Choice of Practitioners and Wellness Vehicles for Users

Customized Packaging:

When you associate with Holistic Herbalist as Exclusive Distributor in your country, you have the choice for packaging that complies with rules and regulations and the marketing aesthetics of your country. 

Superb Value for Money:

Holistic Herbalist products and services are not cheap or inexpensive. We always offer premium quality product that are still superb value for money, for each cent. 

You are welcome to get detailed comparison with other products that you feel could be our alternative. You will end up always being in our favor. 

Technical & Marketing Support:

If any time, you need more information or even technical information about any product or herb, or need to discuss the marketing strategy, you are always welcome. We are as much dedicated to your success as in ours.

Invaluable Resources & Framework:

Gradually, we are building a wonderful resource of marketing and business growing framework and practices in terms of marketing funnel, copy, infographics, email sequence, social media resources, paid targeted traffic, webinars and others. 

You can easily leverage the consistent and ever growing resource when you join hands with Holistic Herbalist as Exclusive Distributor of our herbal and personal care products.

Holistic Herbalist manufactures and exports premium quality Ayurvedic herbal and personal care products. You should consider and evaluate us or any other company on these key criteria before joining hands as Exclusive Distributor in your country.

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