Suitable Persons / Organizations for Ayurvedic Herbal Products and Personal Care Products Business

The business opportunity for Exclusive Distribution of Ayurvedic natural and personal care products in your country is suitable, rather favors some specific persons and companies.

In last discussion, I shared the 3 Key factors that does matter are - experience, passion and finances. Let me build up on these further. 

You will find some examples of persons or organizations here here. Please consider these merely as examples, as I truly believe that human potential can never be limited. Most small businesses or startups do reflect the key persons or founder members.

All these profiles do have their pros and cons.

Practitioners or Centers:

It involves following professionals and practitioners...

  1. Ayurveda doctors or practitioners
  2. Herbalist
  3. Natural Medicine Specialists
  4. Medical Doctors
  5. Chiropractors or Osteopaths
  6. Healthcare or Paramedic professionals
  7. Yoga Therapists or Meditation Centers or Fitness centers or Energy Healers
  8. Panchakarma or Massage Therapists
  9. Life and Health Coaches

All these professionals do have some advantages such as...

  1. Experience of dealing and serving Clients
  2. Network of Clients
  3. Marketing of their practices 
  4. Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, diseases, management
  5. Members of professional associations, access to other professionals
  6. Accounting 
  7. Experience and passion for health and wellness
  8. Belief or Ability to Validate Claims, assess various products critically
  9. Ability to scale up fast even in part time, while growing the revenue from personal practice
  10. Add Ayurvedic practice in collaboration with Holistic Herbalist
  11. Knowledge of health products distributors or shops

There are certain cons as well. These will help you to let go of these consciously...

  1. Lack of time as involvement with clients and staff: It can be overcome by having some assistance

If you consider all the advantages, this opportunity is very much favorable for you to consider. You can call me or schedule a meeting to further discuss and explore if you are interested in business opportunity around Ayurvedic natural products and services.

Leverage Experience or Passion or Money

Business Owners / Businesses:

You can be any of these...

  1. Distributior of Herbs or Supplements or Other Healthcare or personal care products
  2. Distributior of food products
  3. Distributior of Juices or Fitness equipments
  4. Health food store owner
  5. Having any other successful business that could do with less time from you
  6. Successful Direct Response Marketers with good team 
  7. Ecommerce Marketers
  8. Investors who could hire suitable team and leverage their finances to work in their favor

I personally know several persons in each of these domains who are successfully doing business with any of the above profiles.

If you are one of these, you do have these pros in your favor...

  1. Practical Experience of business and distribution
  2. Customer Service
  3. Networking with Other stores or business to speed up distribution
  4. Networking with healthcare professionals
  5. Support of Staff
  6. Ability to grow fast

With these persons, I don't think there should be any trouble in growing fast. They could easily leverage their existing business and experience and funds to scale up.

I met one successful business person from Ukraine who are into completely different field (handicrafts, sculpture, paintings) and who ventured into Ayurveda in a very impressive manner, leveraging their experience and finances. 

Even if you are techie or successful e-commerce store, you can start from there.

The main motive for sharing my views is that you don't need to skip or let go of your present strengths and experience. The objective is to start with your strengths, then after scaling along the lines of your strengths and having good cash flow, you can think to explore and invest in other channels to further grow up.

If you are one of these business owners, and are interested in this business opportunity centered around Ayurveda products and services, do write me or email me. I will be happy to discuss it further.

I know of some very successful health care practitioners who join hands with marketers and doing very good, some good business persons and joining hands with practitioners and health food store owners, and even some great investors who brought a good team of practitioners and marketers to grow in a big way.

Practically, the choices are plenty, and with a growth mindset and heartset, you could grow fast and scale up, based upon your strengths and seeking leverage of your weakness from others.

These Profiles of practitioners and businesses - are not  limiting or restrictive in nature. These are indicative for Ayurveda business.

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Again, these examples are not a limiting factor. These are what came to my mind easily.

You are welcome to discuss by calling or writing if you are considering this business opportunity for Ayurvedic herbal products and personal care products and wellness mentoring services.

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