National Business Associate

What should you have to Get into One of THE BEST OPPORTUNITIES on the planet for Herbal Supplements Business?

What is a National Business Associate?

National Business Associate is simply the term for the business or organization and persons who are partnering with Holistic Herbalist to represent our range of Herbal Supplements and Health & Wellness Mentoring Programs and Practitioner Programs.

We are actively drawing and dynamically seeking strategic partnerships globally. Currently, NBA can be for a specific country or geographic region. For example, you can opt for South America or only for Brazil.

Topmost Requirements for National Business Associates

Numero Uno: Enthusiasm or Passion or Deep Desire for Empowering Life with Better Health and Greater Happiness!

Simple enough. Isn’t it?

You have to match the vibes or be in sync with us at this point. This is the FIRST & ONLY CONDITIN for working with us in the truest sense.

If it is not there, you can either cultivate it. But, it will be difficult and tedious. Or You can refer us to some of the other person that you might know and have this mind and heartset.

This is the only thing in our business that you can’t simply learn. All other things, rest of the criteria can be managed or learnt or outsourced.

This is the absolute requirement for “National Business Associates”.

We have seen the deep passion and desire do the many unique and innovative things, surpass many technical and financial challenges and limitations.

Understanding International Trade and Business:

As a National Business Associate, there will be transaction of herbal supplements and knowledge programs, so International trade and business is involved. You will require…

  1. A Business setup or Organization or Company with proper tax registration
  2. A lawyer or attorney for getting approval from Ministry of Health or Ministry of Agriculture and getting 'Crucial' information about herbs
  3. Only after proper registration or approval or notification from respective department, you will be able to order herbal supplements for the first time in bulk.
  4. Import License
  5. Link to Customs Clearance House or personnel

This entire process might require 1-6 months or longer in different countries. We have resources for appropriate authorities in several countries already such as USA, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Russia.

2nd and 3rd steps are the most time consuming steps in most countries, except USA.

All our current herbal supplements are FULLY COMPATIBLE AND COMPLIANT for USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Portugal and San Marino. It's like Ready to Take-Off Business within 4-6 weeks in these countries.

For other countries, we will customize a different and new range of herbal supplements that will be 100% compliant with its rules and regulations and approved herbs. Even for this process, 2nd and 3rd step are essential.

If you are already in a business, you might be aware of them and understand their requirement easily. Otherwise, little investment of time and money are sufficient along with professional help.

Ability to Learn and Grow and Expand Distribution Network with Consumers, Stores and Practitioners - Charting out Your Business Plan, Model and Strategy:

The real game starts from here. Our Herbal supplements have reached your office or store and you have to market them and build a distribution network.

You have only 3 types of Clients who you can market to – end users, practitioners, stores or chain of stores. We do have knowledge and planning for several types of business strategy for targeting all of them. However, primarily, it will be your domain of work.

Holistic Herbalist has established lead generating, interest-grabbing, captivating, profit building strategies and practices with moderate funds for marketing that make it easy for our National Business Associates to…

  1. Differentiate and Stand apart from the herd of Herbs Selling companies
  2. Lead the field in thought, action and profits
  3. Make your clients – all 3 groups - well informed and Willing to get your products and services
  4. Give them best of breed integrated suite of knowledge based programs to empower their lives like never before
  5. Remain a loyal client of you and making business and life a lot easier

We believe that out of box thinking, empathy and working for benefit of end clients - the user of herbal supplements and services - is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor for ensuring lasting success.

This factor empowers Holistic Herbalist with LEADING THE FIELD quality and will continue to ignite that passion. We believe and work for the fact that all our clients DESERVE the best of us and from the herbal and natural world.

The second most important factor is think and practice WIN-WIN-WIN. The first WIN is for end users. The second WIN is practitioners and stores who help to build the distribution network. The third WIN, then, automatically be for Holistic Herbalist and our National Business Associates.

Unlike other companies who think that their job is over after selling you herbal supplements at wholesale prices, we start to weave the magic of support and cooperation after that. Ultimately, your success in your specific country is our success and achievement. We hope that you remember that NBA is Strategic Business Partnership.

Active Participation in Development of Online Health and Wellness Mentoring Programs in Your Language:

Even though, we are open to sell our herbal supplements to any person or business or company if they want to buy from us and sell, we would find herb reselling or herbal supplements exclusive distributorship in a country as very limiting opportunity, not able to utilize full potential of herbal and natural health world. We want to go beyond and above this.

We want all of National Business Associates to appreciate the holistic nature of world, healthcare, herbs, business and life. We would appreciate their active involvement in our health and wellness mentoring programs for individuals and practitioners and getting them modified for their language or country.

It is our firm belief that this is ONE OF THE BEST WAYS to make first touch with client, stand apart from competitors, impress them, wow them, benefit their health and finances (for stores and practitioners). You will also simply have more enjoyment, more profit, less strain and a great sense of fulfilment and contribution.

Remember, it will actually require some investment of time and money, especially if the language is different from Hindi and English. Again, it will be a lasting equity for our and your business as a whole for a life time. The dividends for this activity will be market leadership, great profits with less marketing and less pain.

Finance or Capital Investment for National Business Associate:

At Holistic Herbalist, we believe differently and always put money at its right place, in its right perspective. It is not, and never will be the sole driver or engine of our business. Profitability is just one of the necessary elements of business success.

If you are aspiring for becoming our National Business Associate, you will definitely be raising a business. You will need to order herbal supplements above a certain unit, and there will be all sorts of investments and expenses.

We can ensure that for the right match, limitation of finances will never be the ultimate obstacle for becoming National Business Associate. We can start with even 1 product. The right person with suitable mindset and heartset is more important.

We believe that RESOURCEFULNESS is more important than resources. A resourceful entrepreneur will attract and generate the resources to get started and to get profitable.

We have developed an online quiz for assessing your suitability for becoming our “National Business Associate”, it will give you a fair idea whether your are a good fit for this opportunity. Simply click and take the quiz.

Who could be our National Business Associate?

Pure Investor or Venture Capitalist: Definitely not, unless you have someone as a key person or CEO who resonates with our vision and values.

Persons or Businesses Who Want to Make Money Alone: Definite NO. Money making is really a great thing and it liberates us to enjoy and contribute to life in many more ways. But just money making is a NO.

We have seen companies all over the world selling 'crap' in herbal supplements, like filling 500 mg capsule with inexpensive herbal powder and selling it at a premium price. Only money making is not our cup of tea.

Ayurveda, Herbalism, Yoga, Holistic and Natural Health are not just business for us in the usual sense of business, they are LIFE, they give expression to our being and make us feel contributing to life, enriching life and empowering people.

We will always be open to new innovation and world class products, but will never succumb to commoditization of this business.

Practitioners, Therapists and Doctors: A Definite and Big Yes. They will be the persons who will appreciate and understand this opportunity fully.

Herbal Supplements Store Owners, Chain of Store Owners: Definitely Yes. They will be the persons who will appreciate and understand it fully.

Normal Person with Passion and Enthusiasm in Natural and Holistic Health Business: A Definite and Big Yes.

Person without Business Background: Entrepreneurship is not a born skill, it is learned skill. Often, professionals such as herbalists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, medical doctors, chiropractors, CAM practitioners, retired persons, work at home moms, internet marketers, yes literally anybody with some budge, enthusiasm and planning can get started and make a mark.

A company already selling Other Herbal Supplements: For the initial period, it won’t make any difference. After the business starts to take off, we definitely appreciate and deserve to be served though a new company exclusively offering our products and services.

It will definitely have a positive effect on marketing and positioning and will also boost your business. However, the same businessperson can have more than 1 company.

Able to Order Minimum Quantity of at least 1 or more Herbal Supplements: This is a must in countries where our existing herbal supplements are not permissible as it is.

Why do we require initial "Minimum Order Size" of herbal supplements in some countries and not in other countries from our National Business Associate to get started with?

In some countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, all of our existing herbal supplements are compatible. We can bring down “Minimum Order Size” in these countries.

In other countries, where there is need for new products line, the “Minimum Order Size” for a single herbal supplement is must. There is no restriction for number of herbal supplements. You can start with one or more.

The Choice is Simply Yours...

Please feel free to contact Holistic Herbalist for further clarity or if you have some query.

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