How to Start Ayurveda Business with Exclusive Distribution Rights and with Full Compliance in Your Country

Starting Ayurveda business in your country, especially as it relates to Exclusive Distribution Rights from Holistic Herbalist, needs some consideration. 

Remember, I am sharing this information with practical experience and would like to give you as much clarity as possile about importing Ayurveda poducts in your country and creating their distribution network.

In all conditions, I want both of us, you and me, Holistic Herbalist and your company, to be fully compliant to the rules and regulations of your country.

This write up shares general considerations and gives you an outline. I have expressed my view about some specific countries and you can check these countries here.

Situation of Herbal & Personal Care Products in Your Country

Let us get the answer to this question - "What is the condition of herbal and natural personal care products in your country?"

Most countries consider herbal products as herbal supplements or dietary supplements. Some countries have provision for natural medicine and it is quite expensive even to go this route for most small businesses. Personal care products are considered as cosmetic products.

So, you have two basic categories of products to deal with - herbal supplements and cosmetics or personal care products.

Regulation of Herbal Supplements & Personal Care Products

Categorization of Products with Reference to Your Country

This is very important point. It can govern the choice of range of products to import, and also the minimum order size and initial requirement of investment.
  1. If a specific Product complies with regulations of your country, complies with Allowed Herbs / Ingredients List in your country, this is 1A category of product for your country. You can register it, import and sell in your country. The initial benefit is to start business with less than Minimum Order Quantity, or less budget. You can order 100-500 units or start with products that are already available in our stock. It gives momentum with less upfront investment.
  2. If a specific Product has one or more Ingredients / Herbs that is not allowed in your country, we will need to formulate, develop and manufacture a new product. This is 1B category of Product for your country. Then, it would be registered in our and your country, then, you can import and sell it there. The implication is that you need to order Minimum Order Quantity - 1000-1600 units of each product.This requires some upfront investment. This scenario requires few months of work before starting selling.

Leverage Experience or Passion or Money

Multiple Herbal Products in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Ukraine:

Some countries don't have an Allowed Herbs List or Allowed Cosmetic Ingredient List. Even if they have, most of these ingredients are considered as GRAS or Generally Regarded as Safe. It also means that most or almost all of the herbs in our products are allowed to be used in herbal products and personal care products. Hurrary! 

All our products are in 1A Group in these countries - USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Ukraine etc. If you are from these countries, it is great news for both of us.

It means that...

  1. You are able to register and order any of our products in Your Country
  2. You can start business fast, often within few weeks.
  3. The Minimum Order Quantity size can be as small as 100-500 units of each product, or the ones currently in stock.
  4. The labels in bottle packaging can be modified easily complying your language and country.
  5. If there are boxes or monocartons requirement, it can be printed in advance and it requires only little additional investment.
There might be more countries like these. This needs some exploration. In Portugal and San Marino in Europe, Ayurveda is accepted. This might be the case in some South American and Middle East countries as well.

Multiherbal Products in European Countries:

Another group of countries do have their Allowed Herbs List or Allowed Cosmetic Ingredients List. It means that they have regulated the herbs or ingredients to that specific list. 

This list is usually available with Ministry of Health, and in some cases with Ministry of Agriculture.

Most European, Scandinavian countries and Russia are like this.

If some of our products are in 1A Group in these countries, it can be easily checked with Allowed Herbs / Ingredients List, It is great news. You can register, import and sell these products easily. There will only be requirement of change in label or monocarton or outer packaging. Naturally, order size can be less than Minimum Order Quantity for these products.

If we need to develop new formulations, new products for these countries, that products comes in 1B Group of products. It means it will take some time to register. A new batch is to manufactured exclusively for your country. It will also require Minimum Order Quantity of 1000-1600 units for each product.

Single Herbs:

​Single Herbs are comparatively easier products. As these have only one herb, it is a fact that any given herb is either allowed or not allowed in your country. So, any given herb can either be 1A or 1B group of products. This choice becomes easier.

Another benefit of Single Herbs is that it is in bottle packaging as their order can be entertained in 500 units of each herb initially.

Personal Care Products:

Here comes massage oils, joints pain oil, hair oil, pain balm, shampoo & conditioner, face wash, body wash, antiaging serum and others.

We have worked right from the beginning that these products comply with safety and ingredient standards of European and USA market. So, there is highest probability that all of these will be in 1A Category of products in your country.

Some Interesting Situation:

We do have business association in Italy. Initially, we have to develop a completely new range of products for Italian market. Even though, these can be sold all over EU countries from Italy, however, their formal registration with Ministry of Health can only be done in France and Belgium for countrywide distribution and selling

So for business persons living in France and Belgium, it is a hassle free way to start import and distribution of our Ayurvedic products there. Even, they can start very fast, first ordering from Italy itself. Anyway, if you are from France and Belgium and want to get started quickly, you are most welcome.

Holistic Herbalist welcomes you to start Ayurveda business with Exclusive Distribution Rights of our herbal supplements, oils & personal care products in your country quickly and with full compliance.

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