Herbal Supplements International Trade

The Ins and Outs of Herbal Supplements International Trade and Invitationfor Business Opportunity for Representation of Holistic Herbalist Suite ofProducts and Services

Herbal Supplements International Trade is quite an emerging field and many companies are willing to buy our products. However, it is necessary to understand this opportunity in the complete manner.

We at Holistic Herbalist, are also actively drawing representation of our products and services in other countries and propose the business opportunity as National Business Associate.

Why is there requirement of Herbal Supplements International Trade?

When you want to buy herbs or herbal supplement, you have two options…

  1. You can buy from herbal supplements store, it can be online or offline or both. OR
  2. You can buy herbal supplements directly from Natural Health practitioners or from a store suggested by him.

The supplement that you are buying from any herbal food store is either manufactured in your company or it is imported from some other company from any other country. You can tell it easily be looking at the label.

If the supplement is imported from other country, it comes under Herbal Supplements International Trade.

Rules and Regulations for Herbal Supplements International Trade:

Legalities of Setting Up Herbal Supplements Business

Follow the Rules!

In most countries, Herbal Supplements are governed by Agriculture or Health Ministry or Natural Health Department. Herbs or Herbal Supplements are not regulated products in most countries and are generally considered to be safe for human consumption.

Still, not all herbs are allowed in all countries. Some herbs are unknown, or some are considered not safe, some are banned. So each country has its own regulations about herbal supplements.

When any person, end user or consumer, wants to get a herbal supplement, it quite easy even to order it from international websites and Customs causes less trouble in clearing it as it is only for personal health, not for resale or commercial purpose.

However, when someone wants to import herbal supplement as a distributor or representative or exclusive reseller or National Business Associate, it becomes a different game and comes under Herbal Supplements International Trade.

Three Levels of Sales or Distribution Network of Herbal Supplements:

It is called termed as Tertiary Sales Point – when you as an end consumer buy herbal supplement from herbal food store or practitioner.

Secondary Sales Point is when a Practitioner, Practitioner Club, Organization, Institute, Individual Herbal Food Store or Chain of Herbal Food Store buy herbal supplement.

Primary Sales Point can be the manufacturing company directly or some other company who is representing and importing herbal supplements from manufacturing company. In our case, Primary Sales Point is National Business Associate.

Three Pillars of Herbal Supplements Business

Three Pillars of Herbal Supplements Business

Even though, presently, we WELCOME all Sales Queries from any individual herbal food store or practitioner or person in all countries where we don't have National Business Associates, we are actively seeking a person or practitioner or company who could represent our products and services and possess their EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS in a specific country.

Of course, when, individual client or herbal food store or practitioner from any country where we have National Business Associate (Primary and Secondary Sales Point) – will buy directly from our National Business Associate. That will be a the most rational, fast and effective manner for buying for them. We won't supply our supplements to anyone other than National Business Associate.

Why do we require a National Business Associate for Herbal Supplements International Trade?

At Holistic Herbalist, we are passionate about reaching, touching and transforming more lives with the wisdom of Ayurveda and Natural Health. It is the factor that is guiding us.

We could have legitimate business in any country outside of India only under two conditions....

  1. One, when Holistic Herbalist opens a branch or its office in another country
  2. Second, when Holistic Herbalist works with another company as its National Business Associate

Because of involvement of Herbal Supplements International Trade, Holistic Herbalist prefers business ties with another company, our National Business Associate because...

  1. NBA will be more aware of their domestic rules and regulations
  2. NBA will be well versed or integrated with regional language and culture
  3. NBA can easily and effective develop the distribution network

What Pitfalls should You avoid if you are importing Herbal Supplements from Another Country?

We are writing about common traps that you should avoid if you want to import Herbal Supplements from another country. It is primarily geared to safeguard you...

One: How to avoid becoming a victim of Customs:

One of the company that I know, worked out a business agreement with a German company and got order of about 10000 Euros. Indian company zealously sent them Herbal Supplements and got them cleared from Indian Customs.

The German guy was stunned when German Customs and Agriculture department asked for certain requirement and found that herbal supplements are not permissible in Germany. Both parties were deeply frustrated and all business operations were a loss and pain in butt for both of them.

So, never be a partner with overzealous guy who don't have knowledge or respect for Herbal Supplements International Trade.

Two: Beware of Opportunistic Herbal Supplements International Trade!

Few persons visit other countries and buy cheap supplements, arrange their shipment to their countries. They trade them and got some profit.

It could be your initial method of testing some supplements or herbs. It is not a good method of doing business transaction and ultimately leaves little in your pocket. Above all, it not a even a good offering for the health of consumers.

Think and Work Strategically and You will reap more profit, more freedom, less headache.

Three: Become Aware of Quality Control of Herbal Supplements:

Herbal Supplements International Trade has to fulfill Quality Control Criteria of importing country. It includes but is not limited to...

  1. Herbs in the formulation
  2. Quality of Herbs
  3. Microbial Contamination
  4. Pesticides
  5. Heavy Metals
  6. Label and Marketing Language

Four: Legal Registration and Setup as a Business:

Setting up Herbal Supplements Business

Plant the Business!

Even though Herbal Supplements are not regulated as drugs in most countries of world. Still, there are some legal requirements before setting up such a business in most countries. It can really consume 1-6 months.

At Holistic Herbalist, we are well versed in all these requirements for USA, CANADA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, MAURITIUS, SINGAPORE, ITALY, GERMANY, NORWAY and DENMARK.

We require very little input from our National Business Associates for ascertaining these requirements as it applies to their countries. Together, we would be able to get over all these legal and bureaucratic hurdles. You are not left alone or left stuck.

Ensure that the company that you are dealing is well versed in these fields.

Fifth: Strategic Growth of Herbal Supplements Business or One Time Sales Gimmickry

At Holistic Herbalist, we are looking forward for Strategic persons and companies to have business ties with. Of course, you will need planning and funds to start with.

Strategic Herbal Supplements International Trade

Why Do You and We Need Strategic Business Association+++

Huge capital investment is not what we suggest you to start with.

You need more of DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE, STRATEGY, MARKETING and you will be doing International Trade of Herbal Supplements with huge profit.

With Holistic Herbalist, you can start small, grow and succeed exponentially. Beware of persons and companies who are just after getting your hard earned money and leave you in confusion and doubt after selling you supplements.

Sixth: A Partner in Business with Vision, Mission and Values with Unique Business Proposition or Merely a Herbs Reseller

For us at Holistic Herbalist, Herbal Supplements is not a business. It is our life, a way to express us, a way to contribute us to life and whole world.

Holistic Herbalist & Ayurveda Mentor

Holistic Herbalist & Ayurveda Mentor

We are not content merely with over-delivery whether in products or services. We are not content with optimization or innovation.

We are after balance and synergy. We are totally focused and positively engaged with what would be the better way for people to have better health and greater happiness, now and always! How would we able to transform their lives with better health and greater wellbeing.

This is the constant guiding force of our lives and business!

The Choice is Simply Yours!

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