Herbal Supplements Business

How Holistic Herbalist presents one of the Best Herbal Supplements Business Opportunity for National Business Associates (NBA)

When you, as our NBA, are opting to join hands with Holistic Herbalist for herbal supplements business, you would get a bouquet of integrated services that help you to develop Market Presence and move to Market Leadership, and thereby have great success and profits by empowering more and more lives with better health and greater happiness.

The Normal Marketplace Behavior in Herbal Supplements Business

Company A is offering their herbal supplements. Company B want to represent Company A’s products in its country.

After judging the quality of products, reputation of company, Company B enters into Exclusive Business Agreement and order Company A Supplements.

Company B gets only…

  1. Herbal Supplements that they have paid
  2. Some leaflets, they might have to pay for it

The Liability falls upon Company B to sell the herbal supplements. Most of the herbal supplement companies are owned by hardcore businesspersons. Few of them are able to provide decent information about their products.

You as an owner of Company A has to satisfy…clients –

  1. End users, people of all sorts
  2. Practitioners ranging from Medical doctors, Chiropractors, Alternative Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Homeopaths, Yoga therapist and more
  3. Stores or Owners of chain of store
  4. Prepare marketing and sales materials and presentations

The burden is definitely great on the owner of Company A or you.

How is Holistic Herbalist unique and offer a plethora of Value Added Services in Herbal Supplements Business?

At Holistic Herbalist, we are equally passionate in setting up, taking off and smooth progress of your business through a bouquet of integrated services.

While most other businesses count the money given by you and take a sigh that they have made a big pay day, at Holistic Herbalist, our true work starts after that.

We believe that you have come across it many times. We try in the holistic and best of our capacities to “Empower Life with Better Health and Greater Happiness! Now and Always!”

We simply live by this motive.

That is why we feel that we are doing better when…

  1. You have regular and consistent business
  2. Your clients come to you again for buying more products and services
  3. Your clients happily refer others to you

Then alone, we might pat our back and think and feel great that we are doing good.

And you will find us again immersed in activities what would bring you greater success and your clients’ better health and greater happiness.

Website and Online Marketing Support:

  1. Support for Website Content
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Online Marketing
  4. Lead Generation through Website
  5. Monthly Newsletter Material
  6. Clients – all 3 categories – Relationship Building Strategies

Offline Printed Material:

  1. Products Leaflets
  2. Brochure or Information Packets for Users and Practitioners
  3. Advertisement Planning
  4. Ability to Outsource some of your backend tasks in India

Marketing and Sales Promotion:

  1. Marketing Strategy Development
  2. Sales Staff and Store Owners Training about Products
  3. Trade Events and Fair Support
  4. Practitioners Reorientation Programs
  5. Involvement in B2B activities

Health and Wellness Mentoring Programs:

  1. Simply life transforming health and wellness wisdom and action step
  2. Anywhere, Anytime, 24X7 Access
  3. Great value and incentive for your customers to buy
  4. Loyalty breeding
  5. Authority and Market Leadership that is almost impossible to emulate
  6. Transforming persons from customers to raving fans

Simply Outstanding, Best of Breed, Ayurveda Based Herbal Supplements:

Don’t worry that we didn’t forget it. It is our FORTE. Our herbal supplements will be…

  1. 100% compliant to your country, as related to herbs, and safety norms
  2. Safe and Effective Herbal Products
  3. Attractive label with compliance to your country
  4. Consumer friendly packaging
  5. True to Label Herbal Ingredients from best of the sources, infusing balance and synergy of nature

National Business Associate - Models of Operations of Herbal Supplements Business

Not WIN-WIN but WIN-WIN-WIN in Herbal Supplements Business

We believe that out of box thinking, empathy and working for benefit of end clients - the user of herbal supplements and services - is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor for ensuring lasting success.

This factor empowers Holistic Herbalist with LEADING THE FIELD quality and will continue to ignite that passion. We believe and work for the fact that all our clients DESERVE the best of us and from the herbal and natural world.

The second most important factor is think and practice WIN-WIN-WIN. The first WIN is for end users. The second WIN is practitioners and stores who help to build the distribution network. The third WIN, then, automatically be for Holistic Herbalist and our National Business Associates.

Herbal Supplements Business Models that Lack Balance, Synergy and Flow:

During more than 1 decade of my private practice and business experience, I have come across several business models, and tried to learn the balance, right approach and appropriate perspective.

Model One of Herbal Supplements Business - Greedy Model:

A company in India appoints another company as Exclusive Distributor in Norway. The branding is of Indian company on labels.

Indian company gave shares to its counterpart asking for a hefty investment. European company gave shares to Indian company without any investment.

Worst Case: No Share holding without investment. Showing Greed of Indian Company. Business Equity is given by Norwegian Company without any investment.

After a little dispute, Indian company withdrew products; Norwegian company has to shut down. Indian company doesn’t have any presence in Norway now even after being there for 3 years and after 3 years of shutting down.

Model Two of Herbal Supplements Business – Not the Most Appropriate Method:

A company in India appoints another as Exclusive Distributor in Italy. No mutual shares given to other. Branding is of Indian company.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  1. If Indian company withdraws its products, the Italian company has to be shut down as they are using the Indian brand name and logo.
  2. The time and money that Italian company invested will be gone, when Indian company would withdraw.
  3. Of course, Italian company has the database of stores and practitioners, but it will take some time, another brand and money to reach that level.

Model Three of Herbal Supplements Business got Somewhat Better:

Indian company enters into Exclusive Distribution Agreement with a Russian company. The professional person is little smarter.

He had co-branding on products as it displayed both Indian and Russian companies logo.

However, the Agreement is such that if Indian company withdraws its products, the Russian company can get similar products developed but it still will have to have different products.

Pitfalls: The ultimate purpose of business is to build Equity for the owner, it is not to build liability or job.

Model Four – The Right Perspective of Herbal Supplements Business:

Indian company enters into Exclusive Distributorship agreement with a German company. The people are smart and sought legal advice.

The German company had co-branding, plus a special term in agreement…

“Indian company can’t stop or transfer Exclusive Distributorship or stop sending products to German company at its whim. The Germany company can get it evaluation from experts and then, either Indian company can buy it or German owners can sell this business to other German persons or companies.”

This is the real meat of business. German company tried to safeguard its ultimate interest of equity generating power of business. Plus they might get appropriate return of their investment of time and money, if in future; some big company is interested in buying that business.

Simply the best of both World!

Why are we telling you all this while most of it could go into our favor if you are not that well informed about Herbal Supplements Business?

It has a very self-serving motive. It is to…

  1. To infuse the WIN-WIN-WIN principle in your blood vessels
  2. To Draw the Right Business Associates (In India, there is a saying that if you get fine food, you will have a nice day; and if you have a nice wife, you will have a wonderful life. And the possibilities for you, your business and family are greater when you have sound business associates)
  3. To avoid the seepage of energy, efforts, resources and investments in ill-feeling and friction
  4. To grow the business
  5. To reach our motive – “Empowering Life with Better Health and Greater Wellbeing! Now and Always!”

What I told you above are not mere speculations or business theory. I have seen these business models operating in the real world in some of my ‘smarter’ friend’s companies.

Out of 7 countries where they had business operations, 5 are shut down. Others are operating by the force of momentum, lacking sound business principles.

I have never seen any condition when WIN-WIN-WIN can’t save the argument, dispute and ultimately businesses. It is too simple to avoid but hard concept to practice. And if one of the WIN is to going in the wrong direction, take care of the side of two other sides of WIN and you will be taken care of.

The Eternal Lesson of Herbal Supplements Business, rather of Any Business!

One of my European friend once remarked with a light and superiority-colored tone, “It is we, the Norwegian company, who are paying to Indian company for their products and for your visits.”

He might have wanted me to feel rather subdued and obliged for this fact.

Immediately, I tried to reply in a softer tone, ”Hey, it is the people of Norway, who are paying for Indian products, our visits and Norwegian company, its people and operations. We all owe it to them. Shouldn’t we think of them and perform better?”

My remark ended the discussion in a healthier note. But it had a profound impact on me and transformed my life. It gave me the right perspective of business success.

For me, there is not WIN-WIN. It might be good for professionals. For businesses, it should always be WIN-WIN-WIN.

I don’t like to upset you more with my philosophy by explaining whom the first WIN is for.

“An open mind along with warm heart and sincere and soul is more powerful than Business Agreements by biased business lawyers and attorney.”

This simple statement can save the life of many businesses agreements, smoothen the operations of good businesses, and foster the great synergy of life and work.

Thoughtfulness + Empathy + Sincerity = The Magic of Work and Life

Legal Disclaimer: It might fail with your wife or partner. The better sex has simply more mind and more empathy than Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar! (Just Kidding, Guys)

We invite the right person or business organization to explore and discuss the possibility of joining hands in Herbal Supplements Business with Holistic Herbalist as National Business Associate.

The Choice is Simply Yours!

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