Exclusive Distribution Rights for Ayurvedic Herbal & Personal Care Products in Your Country

Holistic Herbalist is manufacturer and exporter of top quality herbal and personal care products. We invite persons and organizations to join hands as Exclusive Distributor in your country.

What is Exclusive Distributor Rights?

Exclusive Relationship

We will have business relationship with You / Your organization exclusively in your country. No other proposal from your country will be accepted unless you don’t like to continue further.

Legalized Agreement

The business relationship can be legalized to ensure peace of mind for a certain period of time and can be extended further.

Choice of Business Model

You can create distribution network of your choice that is suitable for you or in your country. It can be selling through practitioners or stores or e commerce or direct marketing or a combination.

Range of Products to Choose from

You can choose from existing products range or we can develop  new products if it is required. We are constantly innovating e.g. development of herbal personal care products in 2017-18.

Unique Products with Competitive Edge

Most of the sellers are selling same generic products. You have the competitive edge as the products will be unique and will be offered only by you in your country.

Empowered to Focus on Growth with Peace

By joining hands with Holistic Herbalist, you will be empowered to focus on growth and scaling up business with peace and integrity.

Top Quality Products Guaranteed

Whichever product you choose or whether we have to create a new one, you will always find it within Top 1% of similar products in your country. Every time, with every product, in every category!

Technical & Knoweledge Based Support

If at any time - during registration or sales or marketing or consultation or presentation or webinar or email marketing - you need any technical or knowledge based support. You will get it. 

Support during Scaling Up to Spa

If you ever decide to scale up the business, and add a health spa or Panchakarma center, you will support in establishing and running it.

Revenue Sharing in Online Programs

We are deeply into Ayurveda training programs that are a wonderful match for two groups - end users of herbs who want to enhance personal wellbeing and practitioners or aspiring students who want to learn Ayurveda. You share revenue  for referral of members from your country.

This business association on a national level provides you the foundation to jumpstart and grow quickly. You can put your focus on growth and have easy marketability as products are already in pristine markets of the world.

Why Should You Consider Natural Health Industry?

Ayurveda occupies the prominent place in the natural health care domain globally, and its acceptance is growing more and more...

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As the name literally means…

Ayur + Veda = Life + Science = Realized wisdom of Empowering Life with Health

Contrary to many other traditional therapies, it is a complete system of principles and practices in itself. And acceptance of Ayurveda is growing globally, due to the beneficial results and growing validation by modern researches.

Even though I am deeply into natural wellbeing world, and I respect all avenues of work as service to mankind. It gives great satisfaction when your products, marketing and services help people to have better health, greater happiness. And people are empowered with better health to unleash their goodness and kindness and gifts.

When someone is sick, and your products and services bring relief of pain, discomfort and sickness, in a safe and natural manner, that becomes a blessings in itself. I feel utterly grateful for being in this field and to have the opportunity to serve.

Natural wellbeing industry doesn’t rely solely upon disease or sickness. It has great opportunities to improve health and wellbeing of already healthy persons.

Natural and Herbal products industry is growing year after year. The growth rate is surpassing each preceding year. Thanks to the new researches and growing interest in ancient health modalities.

The present situation is in favor of natural wellbeing as there is still huge gap and potential for its acceptance. All over world, more and people are adopting natural wellbeing. See the growth statistics….

Global Herbal Medicine Sales Trend  Forecast over 2014 to 2024 in Billion US$

Natural Cosmetics Sales Trend  over 2014 to 2027 in Billion US$

If you say yes to this Exclusive Distribution Rights Business opportunity for Ayurvedic Herbal Products and Personal Care products, you will find 3 qualities in you to unleash your full potential. Know about these...

Explore about Ayurveda Business with Exclusive Distribution Rights in Your Country....