Business Models of Ayurvedic Products with Exclusive Distribution Rights

If you join hands with Holistic Herbalist for Ayurvedic natural products Exclusive Distribution in your country, you are free to choose the business model. 

There are some possible models, a mix of one or more of these will work great. Each one has its own pros and cons and you can adopt the one that is more aligned to your experience, lifestyle, finances, expectations for growth and expansion and returns, and passion.

It is very vital to choose the business model as all execution and implementation and effort will depend upon it. There is no right or wrong way. It depends upon the experience, expertise, passion and finance. All models work if worked out and executed rightly.

Traditional Business Distribution:

In this method, you have a central warehouse and distribute the products to 4 categories people or organization...

  1. Direct to Businesses - health food stores, or chains of health food stores
  2. Direct to Practitioners 

Under these two categories, the setup is more like business to business or B2B model. 

Additionally, 2 more categories can be added. These are more like direct sales to B2C or business to consumer.

  1. Direct to members of a group or resident association or organization or society through small or big events
  2. Direct to end users - through website or health food store or events

This is the traditional business model followed with Ayurveda products business. 

If you are practitioner yourself, you can move directly to practitioner or associations or hire some representative to contact healthcare professionals.

If you are a business person, you can move to health stores or chain health stores and also later present to practitioners.

And this is one of the most widely used and established methods of business for distribution of Ayurvedic products.

Initially, there is work, and gradually, you get more and more returns with less and less work. 

The advertisement could be done through live events, trade organizations and practitioner events, combining online and print media or even TV, on as small or as large level as required. 

Direct Response Marketing or Network Marketing:

Even though this business model is having some bad reputation of pyramid schemes or money drilling schemes, if you think about it, it is a good model of direct response marketing.

You create a business or marketing plan. You invite marketers or distributors to sign up for free or very small amount. Companies asking for big joining amount are mostly fake as their business is dependent upon joining fees and not based on quality of products.

You give demo or presentation about the products and earning potential of distributors or marketers. The main focus is on telling about products and inspiring to use products themselves and then telling others.

This business model creates an increasing network of users, who have to buy products upfront. So, there is no credit period. However, there is a chance of distributors or individuals going crazy about making wild claims.

Proper training and support reduces the chance of such cons. Some big examples are Amway and Forever Living Products.

Leverage Experience or Passion or Money

Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing:

You can set up an ecommerce store, or choose to sell through various big online stores in your country, like Amazon etc.

In both conditions, the resllers or referrers could be invited to growing the distribution network. In affiliate marketing, other website owners join your affiliate program, and put the links of products on their website. The affiliates refer the clients to your website and whenever referred visitors purchase, some commission is to be paid to your affiliate. This is tracked through software and quite popular with ecommerce websites.

In some countries like USA, there is another popular concept of Dropshipping is also present, where the resellers sells products on their website, forwards the order to you, and you ship the order in reseller's name.

If there are several big online ecommerce portals (like Amazon) are present in your country, try to list the products on their websites as well. The big portals have large customer base and might ask for some percentage of sales and fulfillment charges. This makes it possible to have good publicity without spending a fortune.

Online Tools to Acclerae & Support Any Business Model of Distribution:

The inevitable truth is that more and more people are able to access internet, even fast internet all over the world. Ever growing number of persons are having smart phones with good speed internet over cellphone.

So, you should provide support through these fast mediums whatever business model you select. Some of the tools that we use and suggest you to adopt are...

  1. Website with membership access to select or segmented groups for targeted marketing and providing relevant information
  2. Email capturing and marketing
  3. Facebook page and group and marketing
  4. Google Adwords Marketing
  5. You Tube for promotion and marketing
  6. Linkedin
  7. Online Meeting or Webinar Tools

I have personal experience in using these tools for over 15 years and would be happy to discuss my viewpoing, strategy and tactics with Exclusive Distributors of Holistic Herbalist natural products and services to grow and expand business in their respective countries.

These online can truly save lot of time, money in travel and could be very relevant and effective if used appropriately for each segment of consumer - end user, practitioner, health stores or other groups.

It is very vital to choose the business model for Ayurvedic Products Distribution as all execution and implementation and effort will depend upon it. There is no right or wrong way. It depends upon the experience, expertise, passion and finance.

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