Holistic Herbalist Manufactures & Exports a Range of Ayurvedic Herbal Products & Natural Personal Care Products

The range of natural products based upon Ayurveda herbs and wisdom is quite huge. In classical Ayurveda, there are more than 12 dozens of such preparations. However, many culinary preparations were also included there.

Now, I am describing the range of Ayurvedic Natural Products and Personal Care products that are available or could be manufactured by Holistic Herbalist readily if required. This information will be helpful to decide which category of products, you can choose to import and distribute in your country.

And you are always welcome to discuss it with me when you are considering to have Exclusive Rights of our natural products in your country.

Ayurvedic Multi-Herbal Supplements:

This is perhaps the most difficult segment to have. Here, you can have tablets or capsules for specific and general health condition. The ingredients are usually a proprietary blend of herbs.

In case of Holistic Herbalist....

  1. There are currently 24 different type of polyherbal tablets.
  2. Each tablet is of 1000 mg.
  3. Each tablet has around 50% or more of standardized herbal extracts.

A great variety of segments are covered here - body detox, colon cleanse, mind health, sleep, dosha balance - Vata, Pita and Kapha balance; liver health, men's health, women's health, skin health, thyroid wellbeing, prostate health, heart health, digestive wellbeing, respiratory wellbeing, blood sugar metabolism, kidney and urinary wellbeing and more.

We are not having gelatin or vegetarian capsules as the quantity of herbs in largest capsule is around 650-750 mg of herbs and the size is equal or larger than our single tablet of 1000 mg. Simply, you get about 25% more herbs per tablet.

If this is truly a requirement, only vegetarian capsules can be manufactured.

Herbal Supplements having Single Herbs:

These are 1000 mg tablets having only single herbs. There is a mix of standardized extract (30-50%) and powder. Many common tablets are present and more can be manufactured upon order or requirement.

  1. Turmeric
  2. Garlic
  3. Bacopa
  4. Gotu Kola
  5. Ashwagandha
  6. Arjuna
  7. Shilajeet

Ayurvedic Herbal Oils:

We have both Ayurvedic oils that are traditionally prepared using herbs with heat processing and other oils that do have essential oils and are preapred through cold process. Both are 100% natural, without preservatives and colors. Some oils are...

  1. Pain relieving oil for pain in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments
  2. Hair oil for hair fall, premature graying and baldness
  3. Nasal oil drops for nasal allergies and sinus
  4. Skin oil for skin allergies
  5. Spa Massage oils - Vata oil, Pitta oil, Kapha oil

Herbal Balm: 

The pain relieving oil is present in two types of balm...

  1. In transparent vegan base, like a gel
  2. In Vegan or Herbal wax base

Ayurvedic Herbal Powders:

There are several types of herbal powders, based upon single herbs or multiherbal formulations...

  1. For colon cleansing
  2. For hyperacidity, heartburn and nausea
  3. For gas, bloating and poor digestion
  4. For cough
  5. For external massage over body in skin condition or obesity or painful condition
  6. For Patra Pottali - a powder useful in Panchakarma massage

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea:

A variety of herbal tea in bags or HDPE  or Tin containers is available and can be supplied.
  1. Only Green tea
  2. Green tea with Ayurvedic Herbs - for digestion, obesity, detox, respiratory health, boosting immunity etc.
  3. Other Ayurvedic herbs

Ayurvedic Candies:

Some fruits are preserved with rock sugar (not chemically processed white sugar). Examples are Amla Candy, Bael Candy. These are available in sugar or spicy version.

Chyavanprasha or Avaleha or Herbal Jam or Electuary:

We are having a premium version of Herbal Electuary that can be used daily for boosting immunity. It cotains several dozens of antioxidant and adaptogenic herbs in a tasty base of Haritaki, Amla and Rasins.

Other versions of this herbal jam can be manufactured, e.g. one that is focused upon respiratory wellbeing.

Herbal Juices:

This is the category of products that we don't intend to enter and are not planning for coming years. The main reason is poor quality - dilution of herbal juices, antioxidant and preservative chemicals loading, texture and stabilizing chemicals.

There are plenty of other ways to use natural herbs.

Ayurvedic / Herbal Personal Care Products

This is the new horse in our stable of products. This is the segment that I have been working upon for past 3 years, and literally working with about half a dozen other great experts.

It is usually very easy and might be lucrative to jump upon this segment from business point of view. 

However, I have decided right in 2011 that we won't enter into this segment until I could be sure of truly delivering natural or naturally derived products in Ayurvedic personal care range.

Years of hard work has come to fruition and the line up of products is comparatively small but really great feedback is pouring in from the world over.

Ayurvedic Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner:

This is the leading product in this category. It's having amazing results within Sulphate Free, Silicone Free and Paraben Free category of herbal shamapoo and conditioners. It is also free of many other harmful chemicals.

Ayurvedic Herbal Face Wash and Body Wash:

The hard work in Shampoo and Conditioner development paid its dividend into having face wash and body was easily developed along the Sulphate Free line of products.

Ayurvedic Hair Oil:

It had been there already since 2001 when I started clinical Ayurvedic practice.

Ayurvedic Hair Vitalizer:

This is unique product for persons who don't like to apply oils on hair and scalp and whose hair are damaged.

Nongreasy Antiaging Serum:

This is also a 100% actives products and is devoid of cheap silicones like chemicals. Its base is also active. And it feels non-greasy in application.

Herbal Tooth Powder & Toothpaste:

Herbal powder is already in place. The toothpaste is in pipeline and will be released soon.

The prominent place of Ayurveda in Herbal Supplements and Personal care products is due to the great range of products that are manufactured based upon this ancient wisdom & acceptance of its increasing relevancy in modern life.

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