Ayurvedic Herbs for Thyroid Wellbeing


 Each Tablet of 1000 mg contains 520 mg of standardized herbal extracts (Guggul, Bergenia, Phyllanthus, Bael and Tribulus) and 480 mg of herbal powders (Aswagandha, Turmeric, Long Pepper, Celery, Greater and Lesser Cardamom and Clove).

Beneficial as Natural Support in…

  1. Poor functioning of Thyroid
  2. Boosts General Metabolism
  3. Should be used with nootropic herbs (Joyful Mind) or rejuvenative herbs (Men’s Herbs or Women’s Herbs)

Packaging: Box / Bottle of 60 Tablets, 60 Gm

Method of Use: Take 2-4 tablets each day. Take 1 Tablet after breakfast, 1-2 tablets after lunch, 1 tablet after dinner. Or take 1 Tablet twice a day.

How to Use Ayurvedic Herbal Product for Thyroid Wellbeing in Best Way: If you use AyurMetalite, it will always be a best practice to combine it with…

  1. With Joyful Mind / AyurAnanda (Herbs for Boosting Mind Health, Brain and Nervous System Health): Mood swings, nervousness and low mood are common in both poor and hyper functioning of Thyroid.
  2. Alternatively, in place of Joyful Mind / AyurAnanda, men can use Men’s Herbs and ladies can use Women’s Herbs. Take 1 Tablet 2 times a day. 1 Box of 60 Tablets = 1 Months Supply
  3. Once or twice a year, it is also good to use Body Detox and Liver Detox.
  4. In hyperactive Thyroid, it is always advised to use thorough detox first as mentioned above.