Before Getting Started with Ayurvedic or Herbal or Natural Products?

What You Must Know About Ayurvedic Herbs or Herbal Supplements or Other Natural Products Before Buying these & Getting Started with for Positive Health, Prevention & Management

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Whether you are starting with Ayurvedic or Herbal or Natural products or you are  a regular user, this program will help you...

  • Make an informed choice
  • Will be aware between differences in different categories of natural products
  • Understand the impact and value in both monetary sense and in terms of their health improving efficacy
  • Stay away from Marketing Hypes, Fads and Pseudo Claims
  • Can easily tell and judge whether a herbal product is truly worth its claims
How to Get Started with Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements

​What Will You in The Training?

  • 7 Modules during a course of 6 weeks
  • 4 Units in Each Module, A total of 28 Units
  • A Blend of Written content, Graphics, Mind Map, Checklist, Video and Quiz
  • Accessible over PC, Tablets, Ipad, Cellphones - Android and Iphone

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